Saturday, September 5, 2009

pizza at bergdorfs

it is a perfect evening, just right, not too hot and not too cool. and too, the moon has the audacity to appear in full bloom lighting the new york city sky in a marvelous spooky kinda way. the clouds appear as smokey grey fluffy grey pillows across an electric blue sky. it's the nighttime outline of the skyscrapers that makes it spooky really. in any other city it simply would be a gorgeous nighttime sky, lit by the moon and sprinkled with stars. here it takes on a gotham affect with the skyscrapers knitting out a skyline fit for intrigue in spooky film.
with a steamy slice of pizza in hand, i take in the adoration of 5th avenue’s elegant especially lit shop display windows. my time in europe has taught me better, to sit down properly with occasion and enjoy a meal. nyc is bossy and dictates its own behavior; running for the subway, coffee to go, speaking in double time…
with slice in hand in front the windows of bergdorf goodmans, i’m reminded of audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany’s, mais sans classe, yet still romantic in its own way. i'd like to think audrey hepburn would approve...


Susu said...

Hello dear Audrey,

I think that Audrey Hepburn would approve. After all, it is about 'how' we do it. Whether with style, kindness and appreciation. I'd say you fulfill these with amplitude.

The love and respect you carry in your heart for new York is evident. When we have these, we have the beginning is wisdom. And a knife and a fork to savor a good life too. Or just a paper plate and a delish', steaming slice of pizza that we eat with gratitude.

Have a graciuos NY weekend my dear!

l'air du temps said...

Dear Susu, it seems from your words that you understand my little adventure a lot more than i even do. your words really capture and appreciate the moment. and i really appreciate that.

it was so interesting as it is a holiday weekend here. the east side of manhattan was so quiet... sans les gens. 5th avenue was all lit up with the beautiful shop display windows. i just meandered along with my little steamy slice...savoring.

thanks for getting it. and i hope you are having a wonderful weekend. thank you for your presence here.


La Belette Rouge said...

I think Truman Capote would love this piece and that if he was still alive ( and coherent) he would have you be his muse for a part 2 to Breakfast at Tiffany's. Better yet, you write it!!!

Love this line, "nyc is bossy". I never thought of it before, but now that you mention it, I totally agree.

Happy weekend!!xoxo

l'air du temps said...

Dear Belette, i always like the way you can take an idea and trully open it up, making it richer and profoundly interesting.

'nyc is bossy.' this line surprised me as well as it just came out... nice.