Thursday, September 17, 2009


i keep hearing everyone saying how they knew something was wrong. 'didn't you see the sadness in his eyes?' they would ask. some said they saw his sadness, his addictions, the way he looked and thought, 'i don't want to be like that.' they even separate his life into 2 parts, the life before the child molestation charges, and life after the accusations.

i remember sitting in our living with my friends playing and dancing to michael jackson songs. i remember having the sweetest crush as a girl and wondering if he could ever love me. i remember as an adult watching him one evening on television with his sparkly socks inside basic black loafers, straight legged black trousers, a shimmering blazer, felt hat, and one glimmering glove, slide, slip, moonwalk across the stage. the only thing left to do was fly(?), or perhaps, simply smile deeply.

it's seems millions of times my heart was feathery light watching michael jackson perform. obviously he brought joy and laughter literally to the world. and no one in his circle it seems sincerely took a lot of moments to say 'you allright?' how can i love you? even oprah who i admire immensely said something like she was thrilled to get the interview, and after the interview didn't call.

love at times can be so simple yet profound. a simple sincere... how are you? and even if you wanted to, you could ask 'did you really do the things they say you did?' i think if love is genuine then let's talk about it.

there was a song some years ago that said something like... call me up and see about me. i'm thinking if we have someone who sincerely cares, wants to call you up and see about you, or look over into your eyes and ask 'how you doing?' ... this, money can't buy.


Red Lipstick Style said...

I remember that song, and I think it is truely sad that MJ didn't have someone to look after him. I wonder if he intimidated people and they 'walked on eggshells' around him. Very much as shame. You post really makes one think...I know someone that I need to go and ask if she is ok...It has seemed 'easier' to give her space, but...well you just never know.

Angie Muresan said...

You are so right! Love comes in many forms and in all of them, it is priceless. Yet when we love from afar, we feel removed from the situation and intimidated by the object of our affection. And it is sad, in retrospect, the difference our simple, heartfelt words could have made had they been uttered. Such a lovely, thought provoking post.

l'air du temps said...

Red Lipstick Style, you words are quite moving. hope the one you are thinking of is allright! and that your re-connection will go smoothly.

you remember the song i mentioned. that's cool. i don't remember the title, but i never forgot that line and the sentiment behind it...

hi Angie, i'm glad you like this post. love is a scarey thing. maybe because it is so powerful, we don't always know what to do with such a force. i guess we have to be mindful of loving and trying or best. i appreciate your ideas you share here!