Sunday, September 13, 2009

persistence & commitment

have you seen the film bend it like beckham? i'd arrived in spain totally unfamiliar with the game of football (soccer here in the u.s.), and equally unfamiliar with david beckham. spain was a good teacher, one can't live in spain and not learn a thing or two about soccer. though beckham is indeed a cutie, me heart belonged to zidane who played for france.

in the film, the main character above who sneaks off to play football despite her family's disaproval proves to be incredibly good at what she does and living her dream. when her family finds out and gets past their fury, her father said something that i loved. in his daughter's effort to live her dream he said with tears in his eyes 'i want her to fight and i want her to win.'
i used to think that if something did not come easily then it wasn't meant to be. why struggle. i've since learned that in most cases, not all, this could not be further from the truth. when it means something to you, fight for it. work for it and work for it really hard. stick with it and commit. keep trying and almost always something will come through. and just when you feel like you've got no more to give, something shifts and the light comes through.
i just finished watching one of the greats in this time in tennis, rafael nadal 'lose' to the argentine del portro. he was losing for most of the match. i watched wanting to turn away at times as he fought to come back (and he did not give up at all). when we try, really try, we win some and we lose some. the important thing is to try and see what comes of it. and if possibly try to enjoy the trying. persist and commit, or commit and persist, and see what presents itself.
with that said, gorgeous, sunny, warm, sunday afternoon here in nyc. nothing wrong with getting out of the house and enjoying a walk in central park. the farmer's market's on today as well, i think i'll have a little stop by. hope your sunday is sweet.


Angie Muresan said...

I agree with you Audrey. The important thing is persistence and commitment. I have had a history of losing focus if hard work was required. But no more.
Enjoy your day in NYC, hope you find some goodies at the farmers market. I just picked the yummiest tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplants out of my garden.

Susu said...

I've seen the film and I liked it a bunch. Trying and persisting is hard. Very hard at times. And often your entourage gets scared for you. They want your best, but at times end up showing it in ways not always beneficial to you in the long run.

I wanted to settle in Paris. It took a lot of hard work. Many a person close by doubted my success. Today I'm here, planted where I'm supposed to ...bloom. I know it because I feel serene and contented in my heart. I'm glad I stuck through it all.

Have a positively challenging week, dear Audrey. Believe in your dreams. Write your heart out. This way you'll bless the world. The way You are supposed to.

Red Lipstick Style said...

I did see the film when it came to television. It is very hard to have such dedication sometimes, but it certainly pays off. Good lesson there.
Hope you had a wonderful time at the farmer's market!

l'air du temps said...

hi Angie, i see i am not the only one who would get off track if something seemed hard to do. i like when you write 'but no more.' this sounds sure and determined. i like this and am getting there.

picking veggies out of your own garden must be a wonderful feeling. i'm sure the meal you prepared was delicious:)

Susu, you seem so comfortable and well now in Paris, it's hard to imagine that there was a time of finding your way and settling in. of course there was. your words remind me that hard work is persistence pays off.

i shall carry your encouraging words about my writing with me all the week. i'll expect good things to come of my efforts, even if it is simply completing what i begin. Merci.

hey red lipstick style, i saw an interesting film on dvd called 'i've loved you so for so long.' there the actress says learning something is difficult and hardwork. i have no idea where i got the idea that learning is easy and fun. it can be, but not always. so i'm learning:)

i adore farmers markets, the produce, the flowers, all the goodies...

i'm wishing everyone a good week!!

Stacy said...

i absolutely loved that film! i thought the main message was fairly uplifting - realize your dream, go for it, and you can be anything.

l'air du temps said...

hi Stacy, it's one of my favorites too. i'm such a fan of following dreams;)