Tuesday, September 8, 2009

summer's lease hath all to short a date

'and summer's lease hath all too short a date...' ~shakespeare

it's cool these days. sweet summer is winding her way down. it's been nice, this one. and who knew it would rain so much. i've enjoyed the rain, all cosy inside while the rains washed the city anew. but there's still some time to savor and enjoy. it's not over yet...

today's a holiday... here. so i'm back to me wee stories tommorow.

i look forward to Obama's speech tomorrow to the little kids. i always feel like i'm going back to school when september rolls around, even if i am not. i think it sinks into us this feeling of new beginnings, new lessons to learn, and new deeds to do. there's still time though. still time to... smell the roses... hee hee.

have a sweet week sweet you!
photo: alexander cameron
p.s. i had planned to pop in and leave a little note about the holiday, as dinner awaits, and i see your comments on my last post. thank you!! it really means a lot to me and deeply encourages me. the songstress erika badu has a song that she begins where she says something like... 'this is a little something we put together while playing around on stage last night.' she said to the audience, 'y'all be nice now, 'cause i'm sensitive about my stuff.'
...you have been nice. i deeply appreciate it.

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Red Lipstick Style said...

This post's title caught my eye. You really are a lovely writer! (something I aspire to, so I think that's why I'm drawn to lovely, romantic, descriptive styles of writing!)