Thursday, September 24, 2009

fancy that

normally i don't wear make-up and for the most part i don't style my hair. truth be told, i'm lazy about these things. and it's a funny thing because i really love pretty things. i buy pretty dresses, and perfumes. i have a love of reading and books, which i find pleasure in that pretties up my mind. interior design and lovely home furnishings are another of my loves. but i have to say taking the time to put on make-up and style my hair escapes me. i think also it has to do with the million other things i would rather be doing.

but taking the time to pretty ourselves up is a gift we can give to ourselves. and it does not have to be over done. today i took the time to style my hair and put on a tiny bit of make-up. i have always liked the way the girls pencil in eyeliner bringing out the shape and brightness of their eyes. these are just playful ways to experience our beauty.

perhaps my last post of remembering a time when time was taken to pretty ourselves up lead me to thinking about these things. i had fun today with my hair done up in a sixties type do, soft smoky eye make-up, and a bit of pink gloss on my lips. just a girly sweet kind of fun that i hope to try again soon.

now here in my pjs, face cleansed and moisterized, relaxing and thinking about how fun life can be when we indulge our fansies.

i'm hoping your new autumn days are being good to you...


p.s. i've just read your comments from my previous post... sweet sweet sweet! i love them, and so fitting for a sweet remembrance of mine. i'm pleased! that you appreciate such a lovely memory... thank you!


Angie Muresan said...

When one possesses inner beauty and confidence in one's outward appearance, as you do, no makeup is needed.
You are so right, taking time for ourselves is a wonderful gift we can give ourselves, and in my case, a wonderful gift I can give my daughter as well. Lovely thoughts in your post.

l'air du temps said...

Angie, i guess i never connected my not wearing makeup with an inner beauty and confidence. your idea is a wonderful notion. i like it a lot.

when you mention giving the gift of 'taking time for ourselves' to your daughter this seems like a wonderful feminine tradition (masculine too) to keep alive. beautiful!